A&P services are performed through a distinguished work team consisting of professional and well-versed group of attorneys, international arbitrators, academic councilors, and ex-statesmen. We in A&P believe in the spirit of the age in a manner merging the practical and scientific experience to achieve the best results for our clients.


Whether you’re seeking investors for a new venture or looking to expand an established company, we can help. Clients from a broad range of industries trust us to represent their interests in major corporate and commercial transactions.

Our firm characterized by having a highly trained team in order to provide the necessary legal advice and submitting pleading concerning the commercial and civil areas, for we co-operate with big companies in this domain, where we had successfully managed to award commercial transactions, as well as facilitating businesses and settling disputes by providing the necessary legal advice and services in this respect through negotiations and concluding court’s contracts, other than the commercial solutions and alternative ways to settle disputes.



Our role played in this respect shall be started from bringing an actions, pleading as a defendant till the last degree of litigation procedures, or filing a case as a plaintiff, serving the other party, paying the dues, making appointment for the hearing , follow-up the developments of actions during the stage of first instance, degree of appeal, and subsequent degree of cassation. As well as, follow-up of the actions that turn up in execution department, along with the duties come up such as notices and its concerned responses, rather than objections of which many significant matters com up in a way affects the issues of comment which shall be required by the grounds of actions’ progress, along with other pertaining duties and procedures. This role is supported by the virtue of the wide circle of contacts we maintained throughout the helping departments of jurisprudence due to the professional field experience we enjoy that enable us fulfilling the required missions in an easy way.


As arbitration has its advantages over litigation, we at A&P seek arbitration as our first means of resolving disputes, as it guarantees the rights of the parties in a systematic and clear manner and for the advantages of saving time and cost. A&P houses a specialized team which are experts in arbitrations locally and internationally, and had a great experience and achievements in representing our clients in front of the arbitral tribunals.


A&P has a longstanding experience in resolving disputes through alternative settlement solutions such as mediation, negotiation and conciliation. Through experience and practical experience at the local and international levels, A&P combines great experience with extensive relationships and efficient access to reach the intended results.




We understand the opportunities, strategic drivers and the challenges in the regional real estate and property market. A&P can help you structure comprehensive & cost-effective deals for all of your construction and real estate projects. And can Administrate you rented property in a safe way.


The rules that govern commercial activity in Kuwait are complex, as business practices are subject to oversight from a number of governmental agencies. As a result, it’s important to anticipate and address potential issues before they become problems. We offer timely & relevant advice to our clients on a broad range of regulatory and compliance issues.


We accomplished much experience in this field through tackling a number of services related to various corporations and public authorities, as well as maintaining a distinguished relationships with senior officials and decision makers, besides the strong network of contacts with technicians and specialists in all different areas in a manner can help us accomplishing transactions and administrative necessities in an easy way. The most striking point we attained in this endeavor is simply suggesting appropriate solutions and perfect legal draft, which originally derived from extensive experience and various strong network of acquaintances established with decision-makers across the different governmental entities concerned with legal activity and jurist works.


Undoubtedly, there is no a respected company enjoys a good reputation without recruiting a strong base of human resource team from which the policy of the company originated, as well as drawing an accurate and organized plan of work, for the purpose of making a good relationship with staff in terms of securing their rights in order to get the best performance of duties required by the company, this part is a main pillar on which every successful company depends, our firm adopts a professional approach on dealing with labor affairs, in a way that offers the necessary legal advice, opinion, and examining roots of law, besides litigation services, attending investigation sessions in Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, public prosecution in respect with labor affairs, attempting to settle any labor disputes, along with acting on behalf of the companies to settle the said disputes whether in an amicable or legal ways before all various kinds of bodies and courts with its different degrees, in addition to attending sessions of experts, and all other pertaining matters and administrative duties in this respect.


Among the most important concerns; are issues related to public international law and criminal law, under which international responsibility, violations and international crimes against individuals and States, such as war crimes and crimes against humanity, which A&P team had experience in this field extended for more than 35 years.


Commercial businesses mostly distinguished by fast growth and rapid development, as for formulating provisions and legal rules in order to cope with variables of life that witnessed a major shift in all various fields, especially its remarkable connection with the development of information technology and new changes occurred in the realm of laws, in general, we notice that most commercial companies never stop attempting to prove itself for all the world and its eligibility for the place it maintains, as well as showing interest for any new inventions by spending energy, money, and time, for this reason world leaders tempted to establish laws and regulatory international conventions that highly express itself, on a continuous basis, inside states of the Middle East in general, and throughout States of the Gulf of Cooperation Council and Kuwait in particular, in an endeavor to keep up what is going on in the world where those laws and organizational regulations have become indispensable methods for every enterprise aspiring a world position. We reached a satisfactory stage in this regard, since we became acquainted with the required qualifications to hold the floor in terms of offering advices, services, registration, and litigation procedures worldwide.